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Substitute Teaching Information

Thank you for your interest in LEAD Public Schools!  We are always looking for substitute teachers to add our network-wide list.  This year, 10 former substitute teachers were hired as full time staff, so subbing for us is a great opportunity to get to know our schools and for us to get to know you.  We pay $90 per day for substitute teaching.  The names and addresses for our schools are listed here:  

Certification is not required for substitute teaching at LEAD.  Below are the steps to be added as a substitute for our network:

1. Application (Required if not yet completed): LEAD requires an online application via Applitrack.  You may omit this step if you have previously applied for any role in our network:  

2. Fingerprinting and Background Check (Required): Get fingerprinted and background checked (see the attached PDF for details).  Unfortunately, MNPS requires anyone working at a charter school to be background checked again, so if you have already been background checked to sub for MNPS, you will still have to complete a second background check to sub for LEAD.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  When you complete this step, please indicate on the form you receive that you are getting fingerprinted for LEAD Public Schools.

3. Sign Up Online Form (Encouraged, not required): Please fill out the form in the link below for some information about you and your interests.   We host substitute teaching training days several times a year.  The training is not required, but we present very helpful information about our schools, classroom expectations, and our school culture.  Upon receipt of a background check for LEAD, you will get paid for a full day of subbing by attending training.  We plan to have a total of three training sessions during the school year.  You can indicate your interest in attending training along with your information in this link:

4. HireVue Online Interview (Encouraged, not required): Complete a HireVue on-demand interview if you haven't already done so:  While completing the interview is not a requirement to sub with us, our School Directors prioritize subs that have completed the interview.  

If you know anyone else who would be interested in subbing, please pass along our information to them!  Thanks again for your interest in LEAD!   

Additional Information