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1. How do I apply for a position with LEAD Public Schools?

LEAD Public Schools accepts applications online.  Please click on any of the “Apply Now” buttons throughout the Careers area to be linked to our online application.  You can also go directly to to view our vacancies and apply. 

2. The job I am interested in isn’t posted on LEAD’s website.  Do the positions posted represent all of LEAD’s hiring needs?

LEAD Public Schools lists both anticipated vacancies and current vacancies online.  If you are interested in a position that isn’t posted on our website, you can start an email our team ( with your resume and role that you are most interested in.    

3. What if I am only interested in working in one school within LEAD’s network?

We ask that you specify that request during the application process in the additional information section.  

4. I’m applying from outside of Nashville.  Does this impact my candidacy?

Not at all! We hire people from all over to fill our positions. 

5. Is teaching experience required?

Teaching experience is not required, but we do prefer teachers to have teaching experience.  We hire new teachers from schools of education, Teach For America, Nashville Teacher Residency, and experienced teachers.  If you are a new teacher, we encourage you to apply!

6. I don’t have a teaching license.  Can I still work for LEAD?

LEAD has roles that do not require licensure.  For example, Education Assistants, Student Support Coordinators, and Office Managers do not need to be licensed. 

However, if you are interested in teaching, then you will need to be licensed.  As is the case with all public schools in Tennessee, all instructional staff must hold active Tennessee certification in the area in which they are teaching.  Active licensure is the sole responsibility of the teacher.  However, LEAD Public Schools will assist staff members in gaining and maintaining their licensure.  For all licensure information, please refer to the Tennessee Department of Education Teacher Licensing website at or contact the office at (615) 532-4885 or

7. I have multiple kinds of data for my classroom.   What should I submit?

You should submit the assessment that most accurately and thoroughly demonstrates the academic outcomes your students achieved.  If you have state test results, please submit those.  If you don’t have state test results, please submit any norm-referenced data you have, such as MAP results, or in-class assessment data you used to measure student academic progress. 

8. I can’t share data about my students because of privacy issues.  What should I do? 

You don’t need to share your students’ names or individual scores.  You can share aggregate results at the classroom level. 

9. What does the entire application process look like for LEAD Public Schools?

Our selection process helps us determine if you’re the right fit for LEAD Public Schools and helps you determine if LEAD Public Schools is the right fit for you. As a candidate, here’s what you can expect:

  • Step 1: Application Review

We review your resume and cover letter thoroughly to determine whether your qualifications are a strong match. As we get hundreds of applications annually for all of our positions, we do not have the capacity to reach out to each candidate that applies and we are unable to accept phone calls regarding application status.  We will contact you only if you are invited to advance in the selection process.

  • Step 2: Phone Interview

If you are invited to advance in the selection process you will likely be asked to complete a video interview through HireVue. This helps us get to know you better by finding out about your interests and experience.

  • Step 3: Interviews and Demonstration Lesson

If you are invited to move forward after completing the video interview, you can expect to participate in phone interviews.  Local candidates will be asked to visit the school site and teach a demonstration lesson.  Out-of-town candidates will be asked to submit a recorded lesson of their teaching.

  • Step 4: References

Before extending an offer, LEAD Public Schools will request and contact professional references.

These steps represent a typical process, but your experience may vary. Our hiring team thoughtfully designs each hiring process to be as efficient as possible given the specific circumstances of the vacancy.

10. Does LEAD provide feedback on applications if the candidate is not hired?

We receive many applications for all our positions.  As such, we are unable to give feedback on cover letters and resumes.  Your application materials will be kept on file should a position arise that meets your qualifications and interests. 

11. If I am not offered a position, can I reapply?

Yes.  We have hired candidates later on that were not offered positions the first time they applied.  We encourage you to reapply by logging into your Applitrack account, updating your information, and submitting it for the vacancies you are interested in.  If you don’t remember your Applitrack login information, you can create a new applicant profile. 

12. Who can I contact if I have questions concerning my application?

Feel free to reach out to Patrick Rudd at